Emerging Trends

Zinnia Group prides itself on staying abreast of international trends as well as analysing changes in the make up of the Australian community, and emerging attitudes and behaviour. Zinnia Group's vision for dedicated contemporary interment sites is a reflection of significant, well documented, demographic changes along with a nuanced understanding of the way contemporary Australians view death and dying.


The Australian community is ageing swiftly, placing significant pressure on a range of resources and services. The most obvious of these is cemeteries. The number of deaths in Australia has been climbing steadily over the last decade and naturally, is expected to increase significantly as the numbers of aged Australians grows.

This represents two significant challenges for the Australian funeral sector: firstly, how to provide sufficient burial sites to meet the increased need, and secondly, how to offer affordable burial options as the best sites becomes scarcer. It is expected that Sydney’s increased number of deaths will account for all the existing burial spaces in the metropolitan area by 2035.

There is also a growing trend towards cremation in Australia with a only a portion memorialised where the cremation takes place. This represents a significant oportunity for private cemetery operators to provide viable, attractive interment alternatives.

Choosing where to be buried may become a luxury

Supply & Demand

In a sector as sensitive as death care, the basic laws of supply and demand still prevail. Compounding the effect of Australia's ageing population is a significant shortage of burial space, especially in New South Wales. As Sydney's cemeteries approach capacity significant price increases are expected, reflecting the rarity of the burial spaces and the desirability of their unique locations.


The number of Australians aged 85 and over is expected to quadruple from 400,000 in 2010 to 1.8 million in 2050.


Between 2005-2013, there was an average 89% increase in prices across six of Sydney's major cemeteries, representing an average of 11.1% growth per annum.


Over 245,000 additional burial sites will be required in Sydney by 2020. Based on the current rate of deaths, the eight Crown Land cemeteries in Sydney will reach capacity by as early as 2035.

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Australian Institute of Landscape Architects


"The landscape architect's insights and exemplary landscape approach to the originally limited brief led to an expansion of the client's role for the site including an educational program for this landscape. The restored woodland landscape provides an inspirational setting for the visitor and as a whole transforms the cemetery model and the memorial experience."

Press Room

Innovation in the death care industry continues to excite strong public interest. Zinnia Group follows public discussion and debate in the press, looking to identify the concerns that are most important to the broader community in order to make the sites we offer as relevant and engaging as possible.

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