A team of thought leaders and design professionals dedicated to transforming the way Australians view cemeteries and funerals. The design and creative development of The Remembrance Sanctuary is the result of a close collaboration between a team of industry experts and award-winning Australian design practices.

Opportunity Team


The team is lead by Robert Itaoui, principal of Zinnia Group. With over 20 years experience across healthcare, child care and property development, he has a reputation for financial acumen and challenging the status quo, combined with a passion for transforming the death care industry to align more closely with modern values. The Remembrance Sanctuary is inspired by his passion for living an environmentally sustainable life – and afterlife.


McGregor Coxall is an internationally renowned landscape architectural practice that has claimed such accolades as the Topos 2009 International Practice of the Year. Principals Philip Coxall and Adrian McGregor have driven the development of the design strategy and the The Remembrance Sanctuary master plan, and will oversee the site construction works.


CHROFI is an architectural practice recognised for design innovation with awards including AIA Jørn Utzon Award for International Architecture. Lead by John Choi and Steve Fighera, CHROFI are responsible for the design and realisation of the central Gathering Place. As evidenced in their collaboration with Lizard Log in the Western Sydney Parklands, the practice draws on local insight and strong working relationships, supported by their commitment to creating spaces that will transform the death care sector.


Andrew Hoyne is the creative director of one of Australia’s most successful and effective brand agencies, Hoyne Design. He brings a passion for creative thinking and changing perceptions, along with sound business credentials.