Creating natural places to remember

Our Philosophy

The Australian community is older, greener and less religious than ever before. For future Australians, choosing how and where they will be buried may well be a luxury. Zinnia Group recognises these demographic and social changes and is focused on creating new ways for Australian families to remember loved ones.

About Zinnia Group

The make up of Australian society is continually changing and new attitudes to death and dying emerging. An ageing population and increasing property values are also placing significant pressure on existing cemeteries. Zinnia is responding with a number of contemporary remembrance parks and unique interment sites as alternatives.

Zinnia Group's vision for dedicated contemporary remembrance parks, across Australia and overseas, is a reflection of these significant, well documented, demographic changes along with a nuanced understanding of the way contemporary communities have come to view death as an opportunity to also celebrate a life.

By encouraging close collaboration between leading experts in the funeral industry, architectural design, marketing and landscape architecture each Zinnia Group project is underpinned by sound research and a strong environmental focus.

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